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EXPAT For those looking to purchase a property in the UK

If you’re a British expatriate living or working abroad, and you’ve decided to purchase a property in the UK, either as an investment to let out, or to buy as a family home for use whilst you’re away, finding a lender that will provide a mortgage to suit your individual requirements can prove to be difficult.

As a whole of market mortgage broker, we can access a range of lenders which are able to provide mortgages to Expats looking at exciting investment opportunities in the UK property market.

You can be confident in knowing that we have years of experience and knowledge in accessing a range of lenders that will provide a mortgage tailored to your individual circumstances.

Below are some useful tips to think when considering purchasing a property in the UK with a mortgage:


  •  The lending criteria will be based on your long-term employment


If you have just started a new job, this may make lenders more cautious in offering a mortgage, so try and apply when you have been in long-term employment


  • Get a decision in principle first before buying a property in the UK


Don’t waste time and money in dealing with estate agents, travel and research until you have secured your decision in principle first


  • Some online interest rates may not apply to your circumstances


If you’re looking at online interest rates via a comparison website, please bear in mind these rates may not be suited to Expat mortgages


  •  Prepare in advance


Be open and honest about your personal circumstances at the outset and be prepared to provide evidence to support your application


  • Use a qualified specialist


It’s best to use an experienced mortgage broker that has the knowledge and expertise to offer you guidance and advice through this process



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